Freelance Writing Advice – How To Not Be Homeless

So freelance writing can be one of the most lucrative freelance opportunities for you but a lot of people go wrong which brings down not only the average income but just their quality of life and where most people go wrong with freelance writing is derived from a lack of confidence a lack of confidence in their writing ability as well as a lack of knowledge of the business world in general so most freelance writers I meet who are struggling are doing things like translation work kind of long-form document stuff proofreading or very low paid articles so they’ll do articles where they have to write five articles a day for people online that kind of work pays generally terrible it might be enough to just make your bills but your writing you know five six hours a day and if you’re a writer you know that one that that sucks and two is it that doesn’t leave a lot of time for you to do the other things that you might be wanting to do like write for yourself or do marketing and do higher-end project so you can get paid more in my own writing business I was earning up to 125 or more an hour and the way I did that was by focusing on value and this is what’s really important is if you’re just writing work that anyone else can do and that doesn’t mean a lot to your client you’re not going to be paid a lot and the key here is two things first is looking at the value your work actually delivers most of the time it’s best that your work is tied to the income of your client right so if you’re doing sort of translation work that they don’t really care about but they feel obligated to do probably not going to want to pay you a lot right but if you’re helping someone write the autobiography for them that and there’s some big-time guru right and they really care about this book they’re probably going to pay you a ton of money because this is going to represent them and mean a lot if you’re working on the website of a company that does all their business online that website is their most important marketing piece right so they’re going to be happy to pay you more money for it because if the website does well then they’ll make a lot more money right so think about where your clients earn their money the process their customers go through to get to them and insert yourself somewhere in there so you have money your client you want to be somewhere in this middle and that’s how first of all you’re going to be able to deliver basic amounts of value the next thing there is looking for ways to really accelerate that finding opportunities to offer more and more value and I made and will make more videos on that topic specifically but looking for how you can basically deliver value to them so these are the two main point and I’m going to focus on just these in this video rather than having like 10 useless tips because these are the absolute most important thing first is the client needs to care about the work you’re doing if there’s someone who runs 20 different websites and they just want to hire someone to write five articles a day or that kind of work it’s going to pay garbage because the person doesn’t really care so you could say to them hey I’m the best writer in the world they’re like I don’t care I just want to get some articles done right this is this is very common when companies want to start a blog but they don’t really care about it they just think they have to and this is a good way to differentiate between clients who care about the work and don’t care the client who feels like they have to do something or like oh yeah I should be doing social media or things like that they’re not going to want to pay you very much the clients who want to do something like they want to book written but like a ghost written book or they want to make a blog and they’re really passionate about sharing all this advice they have but they’re a terrible writer or they really want a marketing campaign to promote a new product they have coming up those are the people who you can easily negotiate with to be earning a lot more money $50 or $100 or more an hour because they see the value and they want to do it so they’re going to be like if they’re really passionate about the project and you convince them that you are a better writer and you’re going to deliver more to them they’ll be happy to pay you more because it’s meaningful for them again the other point is around that value piece right are you actually delivering value and this is of course tied in with if they want what you’re doing so if someone really wants what you’re doing they’re already getting more value from it by definition because it’s something they really want but within that project how can you deliver more value how can you make it pay for itself essentially in that that comes down to the kind of work you’re trying to do and I gave some examples earlier as well as how you do it how you actually deliver your work and deliver that is going to play in with the kind of value that client receives so those are the only two things I want to focus on at this point could give you a lots of tips or how do you negotiate how do you set up for polls and contracts through your marketing all that but if you’re focused on the wrong areas and wrong types of clients then none of that else matters so this is where you want to start reflect on the types of clients you’ve been working with have you been given value have they really cared about the work and then think about kinds of kinds of clients that may be much more likely to want to pay for your services and much happier to do so below in the comments if you want to ask any questions I am here to help and I make new videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday on topics like often freelancing writing having your own business so subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss out on those and catch in the next one

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